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Flag Football

Fall 2021 Playoff Info

Please view all Fall 2021 Playoff info by clicking "Fall 2021" above. This page will go LIVE mid-day today, 10/19/2021.

Player/Spectator Sidelines

Player/Spectator Sidelines

Please remember that in both Flag Football and Soccer that fans/parents/spectators are NOT allowed to sit anywhere along the sideline with the two teams playing. All spectators must be on the opposite sideline. 

**Special Note for Soccer**

- Spectators are NOT allowed to sit behind the goals. All spectators must sit along the sideline OPPOSITE of the two teams.


The map to the left shows the designated sidelines for both teams and spectators. Anyone that is on the team sideline, and is not a coach, player, or assistant, will be asked to leave.

Fall 2021 Season

Season will start with games on 8-21-2021!  The registration link above is for players to be placed on Celina-based teams.  Players from other towns should contact their youth sport association and/or football commissioner for info about signing up with your town.


Celina team formation -- We will hold skills assessment session at a date TBD.  We will draft teams with coaches getting a certain number of players "protected" before the draft, depending on the division


IN-TACT TEAMS -- due to a growing call for protecting full rosters, we will allow that this season (Fall 2021) with a catch: the team must play up a grade level.   The team must, too, be entirely from our pool of Celina players.  The goal is for this to be a stepping stone across the league to, in Fall 2022, open up  a "competitive" division for some of our grades rather than having those in-tact teams play up a grade.  This is the plan at this time and is subject to change based on how things go between now and Fall 2022.

Folks wishing to form their own Celina in-tact team should notify Jeff of their intent, send their roster, and have players still sign up through our player registration above.

No games on Saturday, September 4th, due to Labor Day weekend.

Changed the pass-rush rules for kindergarten.  Added penalty for illegal forward pass

Sponsored by Dick's Sporting Goods

Dick's Sporting Goods

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A big-time THANK YOU to Dick's Sporting Goods for continuing to sponsor our youth flag football league! 

GAME DAY NOTES (2021 season)

1) PARKING -- all parking needs to be done on a concrete parking lot.  There are now two of them!  There is to be NO parking along the road.


2) CONCESSION STAND -- in addition to drinks and snacks, Tender Smokehouse BBQ will be selling breakfast tacos until sold out.  In addition to food/drink, we will have mouthguards for sale in the event that your child's is lost or left behind.  Just $2 each  (mouthguards and mandatory to play!)  We do take credit cards!



3) SEATING --  We do not want fans sitting on the same sideline as the players.  Both teams share a sideline, with midfield being the dividing line.   (Think basketball sidelines.)  Teams must stay on their side of midfield.  Only designated coaches may be on the team bench area.

Tent/shade structures are allowed, we just ask that any stakes be relatively small.  And only designated coaches may be on the team sidelines.  All spectators need to be seated across from the players.  We know many of you will take up the shady spots by the endzones that are by the concrete path.  That will be fine as well.


Fall 2021 Field Layout


The pee wee tackle football program is not run through Celina Parks and Recreation.  The league is played through Texoma Youth Football (

for more information, visit their website:

Waiver for players on non-Celina teams (2021)

This "registration" is the league waiver form for all non-Celina players playing on a team that is not from Celina.  Must be completed prior to the first games.